Brand Story

Hectic city dwellers are usually burdened by enormous pressures. They sit all day at work and lack exercises. All of these together with poor eating habits such as irregular meals and low intake of vegetables lead to constipation, and thus affect our intestinal health.

Mengniu worked with Danish probiotic leader Chr. Hansen to introduce Lactobacillus paracasei L. casei-01, a type of probiotics. This particular type of bacteria is more active yet more stable than the others. It can be delivered directly to the intestines. L. casei-01 enhances intestinal health and promotes bowel movement. It helps to remove toxins from the body and pass out accumulated stool. They keep your intestines running smoothly and help you stay young and healthy, both inside and out!

Quality Control
Mengniu’s commitment to customers ensures the products we make meet the highest standards of both quality and safety. To achieve this, Mengniu has launched a quality enhancement project. From the source of milk to the finished products, there are numerous safeguards to make certain our customers can enjoy our products with total peace of mind.