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What is L. casei-01?

L. casei-01 comes from the Danish company Chr. Hansen, a renowned biotechnology research institute in Europe. It is a super vital probiotic which promotes bowel movement and digestion and relieve constipation.

There are 3 types of bacteria in our bodies. The first type is “bad bacteria” which are harmful to our bodies. The second type is “neutral bacteria” which basically have no effects to our bodies. The last type is what we called probiotics, which are beneficial to our bodies, as they help to resume the balance of different bacteria and the balance of our bodies, and enhance our immune system. L. casei-01 is one of the most energetic probiotics.

Will L. casei-01 die after Yoyic is opened?

Our little one L. casei-01 cannot stand heat. It is only active between 2-10°C, so drink up your Yoyic as soon as possible after opening. Only in this way can you preserve the energy of L. casei-01! P.S. Best serve when chilled!

How does L. casei-01 work?

For every L. casei-01, every journey to the intestines is a war to defend your intestines! It enters our bodies and is delivered directly to the intestines. L. casei-01 increases the number of “good bacteria” in the body and reduces the number of “bad bacteria” in the intestines. It also promotes bowel movement. The harmful bacteria in our bodies are defeated in this battle, and this marks the successful completion of probiotics’ task!

There is no color additive in Yoyic. Why is it pale yellow in color?

It is yellow due to Maillard reaction.

Can Yoyic be heated?

No, it cannot be heated. L. casei-01 will die once heated. Heating does not only affect the effect of L. casei-01 but also the taste of Yoyic. If you think Yoyic from the refrigerator is too cold, you may take it out and put it under room temperature for half an hour before drinking.

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